steph-aielloPerfecting Her Glide

If Push Girls were to cast another season, Steph Aiello, 26, from San Bernadino, California, would definitely be on the show. Injured at the C5 level in a car accident in 2010 while driving home from Las Vegas, she has figured out how to live her life like a boss. “My injury doesn’t take a break from my life, so why am I going to stop living my life because of my injury?”

One of her biggest passions in life is beauty. “Glam was always in my soul. I was supposed to start cosmetology school after my accident,” Aiello says. “Style has and always will be running through my veins. I’m now a licensed makeup artist and am more confident about my art than ever.” But it wasn’t an easy process getting here.

“When I was initially injured, I had no idea what challenges I was in for. I felt foreign in my own body, I had many moments of feeling as if I didn’t belong in this superficial world anymore and hated the idea of being ‘different.’” It was Steph’s identical twin sister, Tiff, who helped her see her life was still worth living. “My twin sister used to get so upset with me whenever I said, ‘I want to be normal again.’ It took me a good year until I woke up telling myself that I was alive and blessed.”

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