Fix the Bug
Ben Mattlin notes that the newest version [“Dragon Individual Professional for PCs and MACs,” November 2016] “now automatically saves your user profile,” but Dragon Dictate for Mac has done that since version 3. This is hugely annoying since my speech dysarthria often results in bad sessions that I do not want to save. I have diligently called Nuance when I first bought version 3, and upon subsequent upgrades to versions 4 and 5. [Now with version 6] … it remains impossible not to “save” (i.e. the profile), when closing out of the program, and therefore one ends up saving whatever incorrect profile changes have been made during the last session. I have patiently called Nuance about this several times. If they can’t fix a simple bug like this, it seems more worthwhile to use the Mac’s inbuilt dictation software (especially “enhanced”).
Erich Pieper

How Do You Make It Quit?
I love the new Dragon, version 6. The only issue I have is it seems to run as an app but there is no way to force the program to quit if it freezes up.
Joey Weber

Life’s Not the Same Without It
Would love to trade-in the iBOT I have that died [“The iBOT Returns ...” November 2016]. Was lucky enough to get one in ‘04 when insurance did cover it (mine did anyway). Life just isn’t the same without it.
Greg Mazer

What About iBOT ‘Ifs?’
There are a lot of “if’s’” here: IF insurance/Medicare/Medicaid will pay for this version. IF the price is affordable for co-pay or self-pay. It is good to see Dean Kamen is still committed to the disability community. Toyota is moving beyond research in their commitment to the disability community. And that the recognition that technology must be affordable to be useful is being acknowledged.
Tony Boatright

If Only Medicare Would Pay
This would be wonderful if Medicare would cover a large portion of the cost [“The iBOT Returns …”]. My son is in a chair and has Medicare, not Medicaid, and he has to pay out of pocket a lot of times because many things are not covered. This would truly be a blessing, if it were!
Joni Haubert Mitchell

Tribute to EDI Founders
Unfortunately, most of the original founding members of Measure E (the ballot proposition that made Easy Does It possible) have since passed away [“