Once a Filmmaker, Always a Filmmaker

Murray SipleAs a filmmaker, Murray Siple’s first love was documentaries. “Before the accident I went to art school and was making skateboard and snowboard films internationally,” says Siple, a 46-year-old C6-7 quad from Canada. A resident of Vancouver, B.C., he has always found inspiration in his environment. After his injury, he made a documentary about homeless men living near his house called Carts of Darkness.

But his injury definitely forced him to modify his directorial style. Injured in a car accident when he was 26 years old, he subsequently became paralyzed as a result of a doctor’s mistake. “The doctor misread the x-ray and missed my broken neck,” he says. “When the collar was removed, my neck broke more and caused permanent paralysis.” He now has a film crew that he brings with him in his van. “I create a script and return with the crew and direct them from my van on how we can recreate or encourage the same activities I learned of the subjects the day before while scouting,” he explains.

Because of the circumstances of his injury, Siple was also able to receive financial compensation. With the money he built a stunning one-lev