Tim GilmerNow that we officially have a newly elected president, I want to look back to our departing POTUS and recount some of what I will miss about the man I voted for, twice. First, in case anyone cares, I did not vote for Barack Obama for political reasons. As I have written before, I tend to vote as an independent, so my thinking tends to focus on character.

President Obama got my vote because of his intelligence, his even temper, his ability to speak and write with great insight and clarity, his sense of humor, and his sensitivity to all minorities. If you think about it, when you look around, there is no shortage of minorities. Some say we are a nation of minorities. If you don’t buy that, then consider the latest minority, the one everyone loves to blame: old white guys. When all the other minorities team up and complain about OWG, that makes them the new minority.

Obama didn’t blame old white guys. In fact one of his most endearing traits was his ability to see people as individuals rather than members of any particular race, religion, political party or gender. No doubt this came from his own multi-ethnic background. His skin color and popular identity was “black,” but his ethnicity was mixed, and his