Shepherd-Center-SCI-ExOne of the nation’s leading rehabilitation hospitals for spinal cord injury, the Shepherd Center, launched a pilot for a mobile fitness app on Feb. 8 aimed specifically at wheelchair users and those with spinal cord injuries. The app, dubbed SCI-Ex, features exercise recommendations and video demonstrations, videos of how to transfer onto machines and how to using gripping aids, all broken down based on level of injury.

Anyone who has tried to search for adaptive fitness information online knows how difficult it can be to find specific, coherent information to help develop a fitness routine. “We heard from wheelchair users, Shepherd staff and YMCA staff that there are little to no useful videos/information about how to help someone with mobility impairments (specifically SCI) in a gym. There were no resources out there,” says Shari McDowell, the program director for Shepherd Center’s SCI Program.

So they decided to do some