Michael CollinsQ. I retired recently after working more than 36 years as an airline pilot. My wife and I are now planning to move to Southern California from the Pacific Northwest. We plan to buy a home in a new development where we will be joined by our paraplegic adult son. Making the home wheelchair accessible is an important part of our plans, but we have run across some challenges in making that happen. We picked out a new housing development in an area that we like, which is also near where our son will be working. The developer has five types of model homes to choose from, so we picked the floor plan of one that had some important features located on the first floor — kitchen/dining area, bathroom with large tub, roomy bedroom. These features will make it possible for our son to live there with us, and for my wife and I to remain there if our health deteriorates as we age.

I figured the home, still in the planning stage, would be fairly simple for the builder to provide modifications. I was already