For women, intermittent cathing while sitting in a chair or transferring to cath every four hours is difficult and time-consuming. But what’s a girl to do? Enter the “Mitrofanoff” procedure, which was developed in 1980 by Dr. Paul Mitrofanoff.

The women in my SCI circle have had a lot of discussion on the benefits of this procedure, and the term I have been hearing frequently is “game changer.” But what exactly is the Mitrofanoff procedure? Here is the definition from the Urostomy Association:

An urinary reservoir that is fashioned from bowel or the person’s own bladder and may be used as the reservoir. A channel is created from the appendix, ureter, or ileum. The diversion is continent because of the valve arrangement, which prevents urinary leakage. The channel connects the reservoir to the abdominal surface. A small catheterizable stoma is placed in a cosmetically suitable site. It is imp