Pleasure: Always Possible
Beautiful article about women’s sexuality and paralysis [“Women’s Pleasure,” February 2017]. As a man living with a C5-6 spinal cord injury, I identify with a lot of what these women are saying about the need to explore and be creative. Pleasure is always possible.
Rafe Eric Biggs

Example of True Love
Christine and Jerrod are a wonderful example of true love [“Conversations About Sex,” February 2017]. I have to admit that I teared up when I read the part where Jerrod said, “You never know, that [person with a disability] could be the love of your life.”
Lisa-Marie Paull

We Are Our Best Advocates
I totally agree on advocating for yourself in getting anything that you need, not only for equipment, but also for accessibility in the places you want/need to go to [“Getting the Equipment You Need and Learning to Self-Advocate,” February 2017]. No one else is a better advocate for disabled individuals than ourselves. Don’t be afraid to speak up, demand (politely) and be bold.
Rosalie Hannigan

Fitness Centers Fail Us
I’ve tried talking with various fitness centers on purchasing wheelchair accessible equipment and available help for wheelchair users, but they charge extra for the assistance and feel getting the equipment isn’t cost-efficient [“New Pilot Fitness App Launched,” News, February 2017].
Roscoe Jenkins

Check Local Access Laws
Sadly, if [fitness centers] provide the mandatory minimum accessible parking spaces, and a curb cut, ramp, etc., they believe they are meeting all the access laws. Look into the local access laws in your area. Sometimes they are actually more strict than the federal laws. Also, depending upon where you live, your local recreational facilities may have a gym and workout equipment you can access better.
Linda Hutchinson

Focus on the Manufacturer
As a wheelchair user I scan the internet — YouTube, Quest magazine, and of course NEW MOBILITY — for the latest and the greatest advances in mobility devices and other disability aids [“Consider Keeping That Mobi