After my C7-8 spinal cord injury, I began a mindfulness-based meditation practice that has had a huge impact on my overall happiness. It has proven to be a healthy, effective way to manage daily stresses that fits by abilities.

I’d like to answer some common questions and offer you suggestions for implementing this practice in your own life.

What is meditation? Do you have to sit on the floor?

Meditation is a tool that has been used by humans for thousands of years to deal with stress and to train the mind. Many people have some lofty idea of what meditation is and how one should look while practicing: Legs twisted into a pretzel while they float a foot and a half off the ground basked in an angelic and set in a pristine nature environment. None of this is necessary, nor is sitting on the floor. A chair or wheelchair is an ideal place to learn to meditate as a well-fitted chair should be comfortable and o