Electric King of the Mountain

All-terrain mountain biking has never been more enticing — thanks to electricity. Dubbed the Horizon, this battery and/hand-powered adapted on-road/off-road mountain trike is made by Outrider USA, a company started by college students in North Carolina.

At $13,985, it’s one of the most expensive modified units out there, but it’s also the ultimate dream toy for anyone wanting to explore mountain trails. The base model comes with a battery range of 15 to 35 miles and has a top speed of 20 mph. And it’s modular, allowing you to create a customized configuration — with your choice of two wheels in the front or the back.

There are plenty of electric all-terrain wheelchairs, but this vehicle, a trike with a drive train and wheels fit for rugged terrain, is based on a mountain-bike design that opens up some serious territory. It was field-tested by C7 quad Justin Falls as well as wheelchair racer Michael Mills.

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