Washington, D.C. – Super Accessible
Mount Rushmore has been on my bucket list for years, so I’m happy to see that it’s accessible [“Great American Getaways,” April 2017]. Also, I constantly recommend Washington, D.C., as the most accessible city in America — and maybe the whole world. One other attraction I’d recommend to visit in D.C. is the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing. You get to actually see how money is made. It’s pretty overwhelming to see so much money, and they offer a completely accessible tour.
Cory Lee (CurbFreeWithCoryLee.com)
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Aging Sucks
I would say at age 60, aging with a disability can really suck. [“The Truth About Aging,” April 2017]. My breathing is getting worse, my bones ache, and I can’t sit up as long as I once did. One shoulder is shot and bad pain is part of my daily life. I do not have a spouse, but I pray frequently and rely heavily on my two dogs to give me unconditional love and support that dogs do so well. No, I haven’t learned to navigate the rough waters. Some days the waters are more placid, while other days are like riding rapids. And for me, one day the question will become quantity versus quality. I will never go to a nursing home. I decided that long ago.
Ines Gaudet
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Support All-Important
I notice that a common thread is a good loving spouse [“The Truth About Aging”]. This is hugely important. I am 40 years post-injury, C5 complete, 56 years old. I have been happily married for over 32 years. I still drive myself with no assistance, I am fairly healthy (just the expected development of osteoporosis and deterioration of spine). I do what I can, as I have no other caregiver other than my loving wife, but no longer take as many risks.
Andy ET Smith (from South Africa)
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Coach Kyle
He was the best football coach I ever had the opportunity of knowing and learning from [“Rolling Under the Friday Night Lights,” April 2017].
Jess Farnsworth
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Role Model
Coach Kyle Walsh was the first coach we met when we moved to College Station, Texas, and from that point on, I knew I wanted my boys to play for him and this team. This great article confirmed what I already knew: Coach Walsh is a great role model and inspiration.
Christine Wixson
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Respect? Not My Experience
HA! Been there, done that … on a local accessibility campaign for about six or so years — emailing, calling or talking to a manager [“Restricted Access to Tables,” Everyday Advocacy, April 2017]. My concerns get paid lip service or I get an occasional gift card to keep me happy, but no long-term results. Restaurant personnel seem genuinely surprised to know about the ADA and tables. I’ve had to sit as far away as a foot from a table before — pretty hard to eat that way. I’ve learned some ways to be better accommodated, but it sure would be nice if more places were accessible. Frankly, the most accommodating establishments are fast food restaurants.
Michele Linn Ash
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Finally, Respect
My late wife and I wanted to have dinner at a new place, but they wouldn’t let us make a reservation. When we got there, they seated us in an elevated area [“Restricted Access to Tables“]. Halfway through the meal my wife needed to use the restroom, so we carried her down stairs to the bathroom. I complained to the manager, and he comped everything we ate or drank and asked if we could come back in the morning. It seemed odd (coming back before it opened) but it turned out to be a staff training session. The manager laid down the law to employees that disabled patrons can absolutely reserve an accessible table, no questions, just cooperation. That was the one and only time that anyone had treated us with so much respect.
Andre E. Senay
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CBD Pot Works
I have been using Fentanyl patches and Baclofen for years, and I worry about being addicted to the patch [“More Neuropathic Pain Meds,” April 2017]. However, about six months ago I started using topical and edible CBD [marijuana] products and found that they are great — with no side effects. I also have used CBD transdermal patches and they work as well. The cost is a little high, but well worth it. CBD and hemp oil products are available from numerous companies, such as Miracle Smoke and Healthy Hemp. I also have phantom pain from a left below-the-knee amputation since 2013, as well as diabetic neuropathy in my right leg/foot. Topical CBD cream from Miracle Smoke works best for me, as it relieves all of my breakthrough pain issues quickly.
Tom Alsup
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