Lenin Moreno on election night

Victory. On the night he won Ecuador’s presidential election, Lenín Moreno sat atop the stage with a microphone in his hand, salt and pepper hair coifed perfectly, as it always is. Television cameras captured the scene as the 64 year old led the crowd in song.

Venceremos! Venceremos! Mil cadenas habra que romper!

(We shall overcome! We shall overcome! A thousand chains we’ll have to break!)

He was flanked by his wife, father, Vice President Jorge Glass, and Raphael Correa, the current president, who had led Ecuador for the past 10 years. Moreno sat in front of his retinue and sang, smoothly and powerfully, like a balladeer, while a sign language interpreter danced and signed to the crowd.

Venceremos! La miseria sabremeos vencer.

(We shall overcome! We know how to overcome misery.)