Moving On the Best Way He Knows How

Devon BoydSeven years ago, Devon Boyd was 19 years old and living in Detroit, Michigan, when his life changed. “I was in a carjacking and shot three times on December 22, 2010,” he says. After his injury, Boyd was sent to Shepherd Center in Atlanta, Georgia, for rehab, and he’s stayed in Georgia since. But it wasn’t easy for him in the early years of his injury as he learned how to live with T10-11 paraplegia.

“After my injury, I was very depressed and down and didn’t want to leave the house,” he says. “What helped me move forward was my whole family.” Boyd was able to stay in the Atlanta-area thanks to his aunt who purchased a new wheelchair accessible house. “For that I’m very thankful. My family still treats me the exact same.”

Since becoming paralyzed, there’s one thing he’s f