Imagine entering an ice cream parlor, ordering a large chocolate banana split, and receiving a giant steaming hot bowl of turtle soup instead. You’d likely be quite confused! When I tried to purchase an ultra-light wheelchair, with a SmartDrive MX-2, I had an equally odd experience. OK, so it wasn’t a bowl of turtle soup, but I knew what I ordered, and the vendor repeatedly tried to give me something else — like a full power chair.

Not My First Medicare DME Rodeo!

One of my strengths is the ability to identify and articulate my needs, and as it relates to purchasing durable medical equipment, this was hardly my first rodeo. Two of my family members were non-ambulatory, and in the ’70s, I worked as a vocational nurse. Later in life, my career shifted into medical technology, where I learned that purchasing new technology through Medicare sometimes posed challenges.

So, in 2015, after a fall (actually two falls in one day) resulted in one broken ankle, and another sprained ankle, I was fully prepared to go from being a part