Michael CollinsQ. Recently, I’ve been prescribed a number of different medications that proved to be ineffective, so I replaced them, which left me with a three-month supply of the “unsuccessful” ones that now need proper, safe disposal. I discussed my concern with my state legislators, hoping they would introduce legislation to ensure that free, convenient collection sites would be available, so people would not discard the medications by flushing them down the toilet. Sadly, my concerns were not answered on the statewide level, but my county stepped up and took action by requiring pharmacies and police stations to host medication drop-off boxes. But what good are these programs if they are generally unknown or not available everywhere?

Additionally, because I have been disabled for over 30 years, I have accumulated outdated wheelchairs, an old Hoyer lift and a variety of unneeded medical supplies. The chairs need fresh batteries and everything needs cleaning up, but there