Allen RuckerIn February 1977, the hit CBS sitcom Maude ran an episode in which middle-class, middle-aged liberal Maude Finley, played by Bea Arthur, is forced to confront one of her oldest friends recently stricken by a devastating stroke and in a wheelchair. After tiptoeing around this woman for most of the episode, Maude finally engages her in awkward chitchat. The friend, seeing her blatant uneasiness, confronts Maude with, “I scare you, don’t I?” Maude’s reply: “You scare the hell out of me.”

Cut to February 2018, and tune into the Comedy Central hit series Drunk History, whose premise is simple: A drunk narrator tells you the story of an important historical event and actors reenact that story, lip-syncing their slurry words. The story highlighted here is a seminal moment for the disability rights movement: The first mass sit-in, by 150-plus disabled protesters at a federal building in S