From the left are Elaina, Glen and Monica; Jeff, Evie and Kristen; and Andrea, Chad and Mari.

It all started with a simple suggestion …

We should all get together sometime in Vegas.

I live in Vegas and had met Monica and Andrea in an online support group for wives and girlfriends of quadriplegics. Their husbands, Glen and Chad, are both high-level quads like my husband, Jeff. They also both have one daughter, and all three of our girls are only eight months apart in age.

The similarities are clear. So it’s not surprising that the three of us — me, Monica, and Andrea — all struck up a friendship. Our girls started writing letters to one another. They even had video chats so they could talk face to face.

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And I would chat with my new friends over Facebook messenger.

That’s when the idea of meeting in person first came up.

Here’s the actual conversation:

Monica: <