People of the Year
Wonderful work being done in New York [“People of the Year: Yannick Benjamin and Alex Elegudin,” January 2018]. Bless everyone involved.
Pete Smith

NYC Looking Better
I am in a wheelchair due to MS. I moved to Florida and I was afraid of going back to New York City because it’s not friendly for people with wheelchairs. After reading your story, I am ready to go back and hopefuly meet you.
Nina Seidner

Pneumatic Tools
I have found pneumatic tools easier to work with than their electric counterparts [“Setting Up a DIY Workspace,” Gear Hacks, January 2018]. It takes more initial setup, but provides a bit safer operation and the tools weigh less.
Allen Copeland

Cartoon Feedback
Super Funny. I’m the normal guy whose job sucks the life out of me [Please Remain Seated, January 2018]. But, I have a job, so that in itself is a blessing.
Frank Meier

Not So Funny
I’ve been a para for over 42 years and I love to laugh at myself. My first reading of this cartoon is still trying to sink in [Please Remain Seated]. I may wake up at 4 a.m. and laugh out loud, but right now I am still looking for the big punch line to hit me.
David Barrett

Loving Oneself
I couldn’t agree more! [“The Day Something Changed,” Reframed, January 2018.] I, too, am trying to find ways to care for myself and my body without being in war mode.
Melissa N. Mitchell

No Flap Surgery
My husband, Walter, C5-6, 76, in great health and 59 years post-injury, faced this very same type of wound in 2010 and “fired” all medical professionals [“