Michael CollinsQ. Do you happen to know if it’s legal or OK to supply your own portable hand controls for use when renting cars? I have heard of people saying that’s what they do, but I have tried more than once and was refused the car rental — they said I could not use my own hand controls. I wonder if not letting them know and using them anyway is a good idea. This is an important issue to me because I use a manual wheelchair and can transfer into most types of vehicles without assistance. But I do need hand controls to drive, and I have them installed in my personal vehicle. I am also independent in other aspects of my life, so running into these roadblocks is especially frustrating. I travel across the continent quite frequently as part of my job, and this is just one of many problems I have encountered with rental car agencies when I arrive at my destinations. Even though that may seem like no big deal to some folks, it can completely take away my independence and ability to visit our rural offices or attend important meetings without renting an Uber or similar rideshare