Kate WilletteIn December, I received a forwarded email that originated in Thailand and was first sent to a young Californian with quadriplegia. He was so excited that he forwarded it to everyone he could think of, and eventually it found its way to me. Here’s how it began:

I am very pleased to inform you that you have been accepted for Unique Access’ innovative Spinal Cord Injury Epidural Stimulation and stem cell treatment protocol.

A couple of weeks later, I heard this in a private conversation with Kathy Allen, a T8 complete para from Minnesota:

I have the [epidural stimulator] device … while the feet/toe movement is not all that fantastic, my core area is unreal. I can get dressed, shower, wheel up and down ramps like I am not paralyzed at all. When I ride in the van, my core and legs are very happy. My balance is so good. I sit straight in the chair.