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Bar Work in a Wheelchair

We tend to steer clear of viral workout videos with “wheelchair” in the title — you know the formula: meh workout + wheelchair = inspiring! But holy moly, this swole double-amp, complete with backwards baseball cap, has some serious skills. Take 53 seconds and feel bad about your own level of musculature.


The Far Side of Tomorrow – Part Six

After being dealt a six-month sentence to deal with a stage IV pressure sore, Tim Gilmer is finally starting to emerge on the far side of flap surgery. “I am experiencing what it feels like to be almost ‘normal,’” he writes. He reflects back on lessons learned, from how to ward off depression to what he did right and what he would have done differently, and looks forward to a goal that kept him sane through months in bed — a food and wine fueled reunion with some old friends.

Reframed: Quad Handsquad hands

In this lovely piece — part examination, part poem — Revecca Torres shows us her hands. “They say you should go into a job interview with a firm, confident handshake,” she writes. “Paralysis has made my handshake floppy and weak, but it remains confident.”


Gear Hacks: Modifying for All-Purpose Wheeling

Having an all-purpose manual chair, one that is as functional on a busy city sidewalk as it is rolling down a dirt trail, doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. We give you the DIY details and what to consider for some simple modifications — including using fatter front casters and knobby tires, and playing with seating position — that can make off-road wheeling a whole lot more accessible.

Reading Food Labels

Food packaging can be a bonanza of marketing hype. Our nutrition expert shows you how to interpret health claims made on food packages, decipher nutrition fact labels and clarify ingredient lists. These skills can demystify the grocery store and help you to get healthy, quality food in your basket.


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