Michael CollinsQ. I am a wheelchair user in a town with fewer than 50,000 people. I have a lot of problems accessing local businesses and restaurants, with many acting as if access laws are not in existence, or do not apply to them. Barriers include step entries, door handles that I cannot grasp, doors that require too much pressure to open and, for those businesses that I can enter, restrictive seating and inaccessible restrooms.

Unfortunately, I am not alone in my concerns, as many of my friends who use wheelchairs or other mobility devices, or even those who are blind, face similar problems when seeking accommodations or trying to frequent said businesses. I am not a shy person, so when I run across these problems I try to bring them to the attention of the business owner or manager. I try to demonstrate the problems I encounter and recommend solutions that will improve, or create, the access my friends and I need.

We have discussed filing complaints or taking an e