Kary Wright“OK, Joe, are you ready?” I say.

“I’m ready to roll!” My brother, Joe, is always game.

“I might need you to help steer or hit the brakes,” I say — sarcasm intended.

“Just tell me what to do,” laughs Joe.

I pull my left arm down on the hand control, the engine revs and off we go across the lawn. I move the wheel left and right to test the steering. The buggy zigzags, and we head toward the open gate that leads to the field. I hear the roar of the engine, feel the breeze in my hair, smell the familiar smells of spring — what a blast! We slow down going through the gate, dodge a fence post and steer to the right, accelerating as we head out across the open field. Joe holds on tight as I head for the whoop-de-doos! Our stomachs rise up to our throats as we go down over the hill, then at the bottom the extra G-force sucks us down into the seat. What an incredible feeling!