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XboxLaunches Adaptive Gaming Controller

For anyone with limited hand function, playing modern console games with a standard controller is a recipe for losing all your lives before you make it past the first mission. Priced at a relatively reasonable $99, Microsoft recently launched an adaptive gaming controller that allows for full customization, co-piloting and has slots to add all the adaptive peripherals you need. You’ll be crushing teens at Fortnite in no time.


Journey to the Far Side of Tomorrow — Reclaiming Lost Ground

After a long and incremental journey of healing from a pressure sore, how does one deem the process complete? Tim Gilmer set a goal — traveling to a long-awaited wine country reunion with his old fraternity brothers — and decided that if he could pull it off with no major setbacks, he would consider himself healed. Follow along as Tim reclaims lost ground, and has a fine time in the process.


Six Tips for Long Haul Road Trips as a Chair User

Whether driving cross-country in an inaccessible RV or charging through multi-day marathons to the great w