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Nonsurgical Recovery of Function

“Improved voluntary hand function occurred within a single session in every subject tested.” Um, what? Believe it — nonsurgical recovery of function is a thing now. Though it’s still in the clinical trial phase, transcutaneous stimulation of the spinal cord (where electrodes are placed atop the skin instead of being implanted) is already starting to give motor-complete quads increased independence by improving hand function. We couldn’t be more excited about where this research may lead.


The Icon Explore Mountain Trike

The Icon Explore trike is the closest feeling you can get to riding a two-wheel mountain bike — with an electric motor, mountain bike style steering and an articulating front end that traverses side slopes and lets you lean into turns. This four-minute video gives a close-up look at the trike and features some gorgeous cinematography of one mud-spattered Canadian going bonkers fast through the Rockies.


‘Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot’

In a move that’s already generating online backlash, director Gus Van Sant cast the nondisabled actor Joaquin Phoenix to play the late and legendary quad cartoonist John Callahan. With the movie out in theaters, Tim Gilmer takes a look at the controversy and beyond, finding that despite its flaws, the film is well worth a watch.


Hacking an Inaccessible House

Seth and his DIY workcrew of family and friends opened up a cramped kitchen by replacing an island with a peninsula and installing a built-in table that is both sturdy and spacious.Old houses are fun — full of quirks, character and craftsmanship that are most often absent in newer builds. The tradeoff is narrow doorways, small rooms, stairs and generally a complete lack of accessibility. Our DIY guy didn’t let that deter him — from a kitchen sink replacement to a built-in table/accessible food prep area and even a clawfoot tub shower bench, here are a few pointers for making an old home functional without emptying your bank account.

Address the Stress

Stress is an insidious little bugger that can wreak havoc on your body’s systems and exacerbate secondary complications of disability. Limiting lifestyle triggers is ideal, but for times when stress gets the upper hand, Joanne Smith offers diet tips, including a recipe for some delicious anti-stress tea that can help blunt its effects.

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