For almost a full generation, our editor Tim Gilmer has guided and mentored us, making our words more relevant and powerful. Now it’s our turn to tell him how much we appreciate all he’s done for us, and for our readers.

Illustration by Doug Davis

Illustration by Doug Davis

Living Life to the Fullest

As the member of the editorial staff who lives closest to Tim’s Oregon home, I have had the great fortune to get to spend the most time face-to-face with him over the six years we’ve worked together. Our rendezvous usually take one of two forms. Either I drive down to his walnut/tomato farm for a lovely afternoon watching swarms of hummingbirds feed on his deck while his grandson builds elaborate structures and plays in the fields, or I find myself navigating a full hospital parking lot in search of an accessible spot so I can check in on him after his latest medical adventure.

It’s a stark contrast, but probably one many of our readers can identify with. One day things are hunky-dory, the next everything is upside down. Having had my personal share of medical adventures and knowing how difficult it can be to remain positive, I am continually impressed by Tim’s unfailing determination to return to his beautiful home and get back to his life.

There are a number of reasons why Tim has been able to so deftly guide NEW MOBILITY over the last 17 and a half years — his writing and editing skills obviously,