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Parenting From a Wheelchair: The Early Years

Parenting young children is a whirlwind of excitement, stress, sleep deprivation and a whole lot of fun. Three wheelchair-using parents share their first-hand experience on how to thrive through those early years, from first diapers to keeping a curious wobbler out of harm’s way to explaining disability once they’re old enough to understand.


#StrawBan vs. the Disability Community

Social media is lit up over the recent movement of many cities and companies to restrict or put out-right bans on plastic drinking straws. Lost in the environmental argument is the effect this has on people with disabilities for whom a straw is not a choice. “They are a simple solution and an unsung hero of my continued hydration,” says Brook McCall, who defends the humble straw with this blog.


Major Brand Features Wheelchair User as Underwear Model

In a big step forward for inclusive advertising, the American Eagle offshoot, Aerie, featured 20-year-old wheelchair user Abby Sams as an underwear model in a recent ad campaign. There’s been a huge online reaction, and wheelchair users across the globe couldn’t be more excited to see such positive representation in the mainstream fashion industry.


The Curious Case of Charles Krauthammer

Our recently introduced monthly feature analyzes the trends and stories in mainstream media that feature wheelchair users. This month’s subject: the legacy of Charles Krauthammer, the brilliant, highly influential conservative columnist and TV pundit who chose to hide his disability from the public eye.


Cory Lee’s Gone Vegan

What once was a fringe movement in the culinary world, going vegan — choosing to eliminate all animal products from your diet — is increasingly common among wheelchair users who find that the extra focus on plant proteins and complex, fibrous nutrition can keep them feeling healthier and more energetic. Cory Lee Woodard, of Curb Free with Cory Lee, shares his experience with going vegan, and we share two cookbooks that can help you ditch the meat without losing flavor.

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