Great Guy, Great Guitarist
Excellent article (“Eric Howk. The Man,” June 2018). Eric is a trailblazer and a hell of a guitarist. I’ve had the pleasure of his company quite a few times, and I love his humor and attitude.
Bill Baldwin

That Extra Spark
Fabulous article (“Eric Howk. The Man”)! Eric has that drive, that something extra that has propelled him to the top … very few people are lucky enough to have that extra spark combined with God-given talent! Well done, Eric!
Jessi Cotter

Beyond National Parks
I so appreciate your insight and experiences (“Nature’s Sublime Wonderlands: Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks,” May 2018). I’m a T6 para and was an avid camper before my accident 18 years ago. With my kids now grown up, I’m planning my escape. These trips will be weeks, if not months, at a time. I have been researching everything it is going to take for me to get back out there with just my truck, and teardrop campers have won me over.

There are dozens of types, but I have broken it down to just two or three that will allow me to either camp at an RV park as I see the U.S., or what I am really after — camping in the “boondocks” off the beaten path with no electricity, water, bathroom facilities or dining facilities. You must be a very strategic planner and up for the known and unknown challenges. This is right up my alley.

Despite the challenge, these places can be some of the most scenic, solemn beautiful places in the U.S. — far away from the crowds. There are literally millions of acres of Bureau of Land Management land at $0 to minimal cost per allocated stay, usually 14 days at a time, but it varies. These savings extend the amount of time I can travel, as staying at hotels or RV parks every night is cost prohibitive.
Robert Garza

Daughter of the Year
What a wonderful story (“Rolling With Dad,” June 2018). Even in the midst of an accident that was painful an