Gaelynn Lea Just Released a Beautiful New Album

Singer/violinist Gaelynn Lea, winner of NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert, has just released a new album, and it’s something special. Lea’s beautiful, resonant voice anchors “Learning How to Stay,” an album that is at times joyous, at times haunting, and ranging in musical influences from Celtic to folk, bluegrass, pop and country. See where to listen here.


The GoBot Accessible Hoverboard

Ever heard of an “accessible hoverboard”? We hadn’t either, until we saw this video of the GoBot – an entrant in Toyota’s $4-million #MyMobilityUnlimited Challenge. It’s small, lightweight, adapts to a variety of functional abilities, is capable of traversing all sorts of terrain and looks like a ton of fun.


How to be More Environmentally Friendly as a Chair User

Catheters, ostomy equipment, old DME — living as a chair user can generate a lot of waste. Instead of feeling guilty about your environmental impact, let Alex Ghenis show you a few ways that sustainability-conscious wheelers are safely able to reduce, reuse and recycle to lessen their imprint on our planet.

Gear Hacks: Yard Work AdaptationsFor mowing, Pollock uses a Craftsman riding lawn mower with a hydrostatic transmission that eliminates the need to shift.

Leaves are falling and the weather has turned in many parts of the country — fall is here, and that means yard work. From a lie-down cart capable of carrying you to the far corners of your property to mounting a power wheelchair seat on a riding lawn mower, we show you a few ways to make caring for your personal patch of earth easy and enjoyable.

Staying Positive in Times of Surgery

If you have a SCI, surgeries can be an unfortunate part of life. Tim Gilmer’s had more surgeries than he can fit on a doctor’s intake form, and in his latest blog post, he shares some wisdom on how to stay positive when major medical problems rear up. “At least half the battle of emerging from surgery with hope intact depends on the mindset we bring with us prior to entering the operating room,” Gilmer writes.


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