More Than an Editor
I, too, worked with Tim for 13 years. I wasn’t asked to add my sentiments, but I must add my tribute as well [“Thanks, Tim,” July 2018]. When I began writing in 2003 for New Mobility, his editing steered me and helped improve my voice. I was always apt to add “inspirational” one too many times to my articles, which he quickly assured me wasn’t in NM’s voice. If only I could’ve met you while we worked together. You are a legend.
Tiffiny Carlson

Glad You Made It
Congratulations, Tim, on rejoining the world of the up-sitters! [“Complete Healing: Reclaiming Lost Ground,” June 14 Blog,] My longest post-flap “bed vacation” lasted just six weeks, and coincided perfectly with Lent, which I found ironic and humorous that year. Your six-month stint … I can barely imagine. So glad you made it through and could share this rich experience in words, added to the years of others you have enriched us with. Cheers!
Tom Vander Molen

A New SCI Group
We should start a new sub-group of SCI people called “Flap Surgery Survivors.” The war stories would be awesome [“Complete Healing: Reclaiming Lost Ground”]. It might even help deal with the associated PTSD that only us “veterans” would understand, while giving special thanks and recognition to spouses and caregivers. I have a saying I tell everyone who will listen …”My ass rules the world.” It other words, the health of my posterior takes precedence over everything else in my life, much to my chagrin.
Pete Smith

Callahan is Smiling
Callahan was a great friend of mine. He was so pumped when his great friend Robin Williams purchased the rights to his life story [“Movie Review: Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot,” July 17 Blog,]. Callahan was always hoping this movie would be made … hope there is Netflix in Heaven … and a way for John to get there to see it!
Beth Barclay Livingston<