Faced with disability-related problems, these three wheelers created solutions


“If I am experiencing this issue, then so are other wheelchair users.” It’s a simple thought that crosses all of our minds at some point, and it’s also the root of many great innovations that have made the world more accessible.

For Adrian Hollis, that thought struck when his feet kept getting stuck in his wheelchair’s casters. For Jason Derrington, it hit during a near catastrophe in an airport bathroom. The frustration caused by his phone frequently falling to the ground did it for Josh Smith.

In each case, these three regular guys devised functional solutions that not only fixed their problem, but promised to help others in similar situations. But bringing a product to the masses isn’t as easy as simply thinking it up and willing it into existence. It’s a process that can be frustrating, laborious and often disappointing. Here are the stories of how they persevered to bring us the BIGPAW, the Easy Reach and Attracmount.