by Josh Basile and Tiffiny Carlson

Since Josh Basile and Brittany Martin Déjean co-founded in 2007, users have uploaded more than 10,000 videos and helped make the site one of the web’s most definitive portals for everything SCI-related. The never-ending, mostly-homemade videos are organized by injury level, making it easy to find other users with similar ability levels tackling dozens of topics, from basics like getting dressed to extremes like adapted skydiving. In addition to videos, SPINALpedia offers peer mentoring with thousands of knowledgeable SCI community members and also organizes Washington, D.C., area adaptive adventures promoting the importance of taking adventures on wheels.

To help you get started digging through the site’s video archive, we asked Basile and Tiffiny Carlson, SPINALpedia’s executive director, to share some of their favorites.

Video No. 1: How to do Shoulder Extension Exercises Using Theraband

Taking care of your shoulders is easier with a little help from people who have been doing it for years.

Taking care of your shoulders is eas