I’ve been writing about products in NEW MOBILITY for nine years. Each entry is a challenge, not from a writing or content perspective, but from a relevancy one. Innovations should be new, cutting edge. However, that can be difficult to do in the mobility industry. Mobility manufacturers understandably tend to hold new products intensely close to their chests until public release because regulatory processes can make giving out product information and firm launch dates challenging. This makes it tough for journalists like me — although I have my connections — to get true scoops for rightfully tech-hungry readers like you.

But, not this article, my friends! I have two products so hot that they’re almost certainly still in the oven as you read this.

Getting AMP’d Over Power Assist

Power assist systems for ultralight manual wheelchairs have been around for almost two decades in various incarnations. Most, however, worked under the same principle: You give the propulsion wheels a push, the power assist technology engages and gives a much-needed boost. This helps tremendously with fatigue over distance, as well as with strength limitations on varied terrain. Nevertheless, they had the same drawback: They still required some level of propulsion, which meant having some notable strength, range of motion and coordination. This is