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2018-2019 Consumer Guide

Special delivery for New Mobility readers — all the products and services you’ve been waiting for! Our annual Consumer Guide is packed with the latest, from the resurgence of an iconic adaptive clothing brand, to a device designed to democratize the benefits of gait training, to wheels that propel you forward when you pull back. It has far more than we can list here, so dive in and enjoy.


Holiday Traditions

Christmas, Hanukkah, Mawlid, Kwanzaa … Festivus? However you mark the holiday season, we want to see it. Send your best holiday photos showing how you and yours make yourselves merry to jbyzek@unitedspinal.org for a chance to be featured in the December issue of NM.


Jennifer Longdon Close to Securing Arizona State House Seat

Wheelchair user, gun violence survivor and disability advocate Jennifer Longdon advanced through her party’s primary, and is close to securing a seat in the Arizona legislature. While the general election is still a few days away, Longdon has already started making the capitol more accessible for people with disabilities.


The Terrain Hopper

With its four-wheel drive, independent suspension and ability to ascend and descend slopes most wheelchairs wouldn’t dream of, the Terrain Hopper is one cool piece of equipment. What might be even cooler is how the company is partnering with nonprofits, providing access in a way that individual purchases never will.

Booking an Accessible Room Reservation Shouldn’t Have to be This Hard

What’s it take to book an accessible room reservation? Is it even possible? After years of trying — and failing — to get hotels to provide requested accommodations upon check-in, Sheri Denkensohn-Trott is frustrated. She shares her experiences, and a hard-won plan — including using social media to get results when traditional means don’t — to secure the kind of access the law demands.


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