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New Swiss Epidural Stimulation Study Advances Functional Recovery

The advancements in epistim keep coming as quickly as we can report them. This time, researchers in Switzerland have developed a way to pattern an epidural stimulator to mimic the natural firing of the spinal cord. The initial results are impressive: Three participants with incomplete SCI are now able to walk and are retaining some functional gains even with the stimulators turned off. Can’t wait to hear what’s next.


Dating While Disabled

Do you use a wheelchair? Do you have recent experience with the dating scene — whether through Tinder, Bumble or actually meeting people out in the real world? If so, we want to hear from you. NM is looking for people to interview for a feature on dating in our yearly Sex, Wheels & Relationships issue. Help a magazine out!


Around the World Flight for Disability Inclusion

Check out this video — two paras are setting off from Geneva, Switzerland, in a few days, aiming to become the first wheelchair users to fly solo around the world. Using single-seater planes, the pair is planning for a 10-month journey that will cover almost 50,000 miles through 40 different countries to promote disability inclusion worldwide. At least one of our editors is extremely jealous.


DIY Ramps to the Rescue

We’d say ramps are right up there with the wheel, as far as adaptive tech goes. But such simple and vital piece of technology can get expensive quickly if you’re paying a licensed contractor to construct one or buying a pre-fabricated option. The latest Gear Hacks delves into the basics of DIY ramp construction — from design and mockup, to location, materials and where to find help — so you can make accessing your world a little more affordable.

IZ Adaptive Relaunches

Model Anthony Lue is shown with IZ Adaptive founder Izzy Camilleri.

Model Anthony Lue is shown with IZ Adaptive founder Izzy Camilleri.

If you didn’t know, consider yourself informed: IZ Adaptive makes great clothes. Designed to fit perfectly while seated, the inclusive fashion line from Canadian designer Izzy Camilleri is back after a year-and-a-half hiatus, and wheelers across North America couldn’t be happier. Check out the latest offerings, from comfy to classic.

Mobility Tech Gearing up for Prime Time

These innovations are so fresh they’re not even on the market — yet. Mark Smith reports on a power assist that replaces big push stokes with propulsion that’s so subtle it’s almost unnoticeable. And a live diagnostic system for power wheelchairs lets a provider analyze issues and adjust settings on your chair remotely.


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