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Looking for TED Hose With a Waist Band

Tom asks:
I am a T12 para and, due to blood clots behind my left knee after my injury, I wear Covidien TED hose any time I get out of bed. They are the type that come up your thigh to your waistline and snap onto a belt. A year ago or so, my supplier told me Covidien no longer sells them in North America, but supposedly they are still available in Europe. I have friends in Germany and they can’t find any either. I have continued to search for them without any luck.

I tried the lowest-pressure rated thigh-high compression hose but the elastic top cut into my thighs too much, making them very painful.

I use the old-style Kendall hose without the belt by safety-pinning the snap area to the bottom of my T-shirt or shirt. That keeps the hose up and my shirt tail down.

So, I’m reaching out to see if anyone out there knows where I can buy the TED hose with the waist band.

Spinal Cord Injury Resource Center Director Bill Fertig responds:
We searched too and couldn’t find the exact combination you are looking for. When a product like this is discontinued, before you begin using another product — one that