NM Contributor Mark E. Smith — ‘The Wheelchair Junkie’: 1971 – 2018

Mark E. Smith

Mark E. Smith, whose writing and upbeat personality brought joy and enlightenment to so many in the disability and mainstream communities — including thousands of NEW MOBILITY readers — passed away Sunday, Nov. 25. He was 47.

Born with cerebral palsy into a family wracked by alcoholism, Smith’s life was a textbook example of overcoming long odds and succeeding beyond traditional expectations. But to those who knew him, his accomplishments — borne of an impressive intellect, energetic drive and infectious positivism — were no surprise.

Smith was best known for his work with Quantum Rehab for the past 18 years, where he served as a general manager. Besides supplying expert consumer feedback on research and development projects, he handled public relations for the company, working closely with the industry’s trade publications. He also employed his expertise in wheeled mobility and gift for writing in ways that benefited the disability community at large. Known as “The Wheel