Video Motivation
These videos on SPINALpedia are like a 24/7 support group that motivates people to do what they previously thought was impossible [“Explore SPINALpedia,” November 2018]. Seeing someone else with a similar injury overcome barriers in life is incredibly empowering. Great work, Josh and Tiffiny!
Joe Barrett

A Pricey Ride
For that starting price of $18,000, I’m wondering what the heck is this thing made of? [“The Terrain Hopper,” November 2018]. According to the article, it only has one battery and each wheel has a motor with independent suspension. It only seats one person, doesn’t have a heater or a radio and doesn’t come with a roof or windows. I can buy a brand-new Smart car starting at $13,000. I could spend another $600 and put taller rims and tires on the Smart car and come out with a better deal. What the heck, Terrain Hopper? And if you go with its financing of $250 a month for seven years you end up paying $21,000 for the base model.
James Ozburn

Table-Top Solution
Thanks for the clear, comprehensive overview [“DIY Ramps to the Rescue,” November 2018]. One small local theater I went to propped a rectangular folding table at the door step to let me in. Even though you didn’t include this expedient option, I do admire your article.
Shirley Zak Brownstein

Open-Door Policy
I’ll always remember a miniscule restau¬rant on Manhattan’s Upper West Side that, as I waited, took the door off the men’s room [to make a ramp into the building] [“DIY Ramps to the Rescue”].
Edith Prentiss

I made a short ramp several years ago for my disabled daughter’s power chair [“DIY Ramps to the Rescue”]. I went to Harbor Fr