sex after spinal cord injury

Gary Karp (left) and renowned sexologist Mitch Tepper were presenters at the “From Injury to Intimacy” conference.


Over the last half of 2017, members of United Spinal’s New York City and Hudson Valley Chapters devoted hundreds of hours to planning and starring in a series of videos to educate people worldwide about sexuality and spinal cord injury.

Working hand-in-hand with Wheeling Forward, and under the leadership of professionals from Mount Sinai Rehabilitation Hospital in New York, the group created 16 well-produced, high-quality videos covering topics ranging from debunking myths about sex and SCI to fertility to sexual positions.

Those videos, along with videos chronicling two thoughtful sex and SCI seminars and a number of other sex and SCI-related resources, are now available for free in perpetuity at Sexuality After SCI, online at

In its first year online, over 6,000 unique visitors from more than 116 countries visited the site. “I never even thought it would really get out of the United States,” says Angela Riccobono, the senior clinical psychologist at Mount Sinai, and the woman who envisioned the project.  “There have been visitors from countries like Rwanda, Serbia, Russia, Croatia, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, places like that where they are so restr