Allen RuckerThere is probably no one in America in or around a wheelchair who won’t find something to complain about in The Upside, a Hollywood film starring Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart that saw wide release in January. It is the story of a white quadriplegic plutocrat and a streetwise black guy who becomes his caregiver and soul-saver — the latest in a nascent but growing genre, the disability-buddy movie. It begins as an almost exact frame by frame remake of the much-lauded French film of 2011, The Intouchables, winner of five César Awards, the French version of the Academy Awards, and globally, the most financially successful French movie of all time. If the makers of the remake had stuck with the exact same shot-by-shot story beyond the opening two minutes, it would have been a fascinating piece of cultural appropriation — and maybe a better movie. Instead, they ventured off into an “Americanized