Jill Asks:
I’m in the process of getting a divorce and I need a new insurer, a new lawyer, a new place to live so I can be closer to my family, new personal assistants, a new emotional support system and so on. Are there any groups for those of us with SCI undergoing divorce? And do you know of any resources to help me with my immediate needs and lifestyle changes?

Spinal Cord Injury Resource Center Director Bill Fertig responds:
If divorce or separation becomes a hard reality that you must face in order to move on, we recommend that you face it as you did your SCI when you first sustained it. Go about the process one puzzle piece at a time. “Fix” one part, then move on to the next. Life after SCI has shown you to be resilient. You can move into this next phase and put it behind you, just as you have learned to adjust to your disability.

There are agencies and support groups that can help you through the process of rebuilding your support system, including finding and retaining personal care assist