Great Choice
You’re so lucky to be able to live your dreams and see so many places! (“2018 Person of the Year: Cory Lee Woodard,” January 2019)
Mary Beth Middlebrooks

Breaking Barriers
Cory, you’re breaking barriers and showing the world that people who have disabilities can and should be able to travel the world! You deserve this honor. Enjoy your success! (“2018 Person of the Year: Cory Lee Woodard,” January 2019)
Amy Aquino

Real Leaders
Awesome leaders with a purpose and not a “problem” is what you all are (“How They Won: Three Wheelchair Users Share Stories About Their Election to Office,” January 2019). The best is yet to come for all of you wonderful human beings.
Daria Dillard Stone

Leadership Training
AAPD has had programs to teach people with disabilities how to run for public office (“How They Won: Three Wheelchair Users Share Stories About Their Election to Office”). EMERGE trains Democratic women to run for public office, and some Emergenistas have disabilities. The Association of University Centers on Disability network presents year-long trainings on [how to participate in public policy-making]. These are places to start, and there are more. Let’s do this! Let’s change it now!
Nat Dean

Cost-effective Fun
I like the three-wheeler version (“Cheap Power-Assist From Scooters,” Gear Hacks, January 2019). It would get me farther down the road than my combination Smart Drive/FreeWheel that I only get about five miles out of. The older model Smart Drive I had with the bigger battery use to get me 10 to 15 miles and that is what I mostly used it for. That scooter looks like a great cost-effective way to put some miles on the roads near Newfound Lake, New Hampshire, where I live.
Alan Duboyce

Inspiring Finalists
Thanks to all the finalists for your great ideas and to Toyota, for investing in technological advancements that will be life changing for those of us who need them! (“Toyota’s Mobility Unlimited Challenge Finalists Named,” Jan. 7,
Linda Richards

A Great Community
I’m so glad for you and others out there in the community who help wheelchair users like me “feel OK and better” about being in a wheelchair and that there is life outside of being paralyzed (“Joining the Club,” Reframed, January 2019).
Brittany Able

A Life Saver
Thank you for your wonderful magazine! It’s my only source of inspiration out here in the boonies!
Thomas Jimino

Welcome Support
Have you been reading my diary? Glad we have the love and support around us when we get into these unexpected insane hurdles (“Un/Conditional Compromises,” Jan. 18,
Nancy Crowther