When Amberley Snyder, a wheelchair-using rodeo rider, was approached about having a movie made about her, she didn’t immediately say yes. “I originally didn’t want to do it,” she shared. “My family had been through enough.” But with her parent’s encouragement, Walk. Ride. Rodeo. began filming in New Mexico last July and is now available to stream on Netflix.

Snyder, who was injured in 2010 when her truck rolled on the way to a rodeo show, consulted on the film that dramatizes her journey to get back to riding rodeo post SCI. “Once you sign away your life rights, you have an opinion, but in the end, they will decide what they want to do,” she shared. “They Hollywooded up a couple things and shifted around the timeline … made the lows a little lower. They had to shove five to six years of my life into an hour and a half, so it was interesting to see what they picked and how they thought the timeline should go.”

What was most important to Snyder is that the film got its message right. “I think it did,” she shared. “Even though it’s not easy and there are hard days and there are hard moments, the strength comes through and wins in the end.”