Mike ErvinI wanted to write about the overly-medicalized stereotypical images of caregiving a lot of people carry around in their heads, so I entered the word “caregiver” into a search engine and then clicked images.

Sure enough, nearly all the stock pictures that popped up were of young women taking care of old women. The young women were almost always dressed in medical scrubs and the old women were usually wearing robes or pajamas, as if they never left their bedrooms.

No surprises there. That’s how most people see caregiving — a female medical professional taking care of a female shut-in. Nobody on the receiving end is young or active, and very few of the people on either end are men.

So I entered “caregiver man” into a search engine and up popped a whole bunch of images from porn videos. Yep, apparently there is an entire genre of porn videos known as old man/caregiver. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised to learn this.

I watched a few of these videos for research purposes because that’s what journalists do. (You’re welcome.) Or maybe I should say I watched a few of them long enough to get the gist of the stories they tell, which wasn’t very long. Videos of thi