Ian RuderGoogle tells me that the Los Angeles Convention Center is approximately 30 miles from Disneyland. In Southern California terms, that’s anywhere from one to three hours away by car, but when I attended L.A.’s recent Abilities Expo, you could have convinced me that I was rolling through Anaheim’s famed theme park.

Over the event’s three days, a record crowd overtook an empty hangar and transformed it into a raucous and bustling bazaar of all things disability, rivaling the world’s busiest markets — a diverse feast for the senses unlike anything found elsewhere.

I’d imagine the three-day whirlwind is overwhelming for even the most seasoned attendees, but as a first-timer I found it particularly hard to know where to focus.

By the time the hordes of attendees had filled the floor, banners hanging high above the rows of vendors served as the only indicator that any sort of order had ever existed. I was stationed at a booth somewhere