Janne Kouri’s ‘Ride for Paralysis’After over 2,900 miles and 66 days riding across America in his power wheelchair and electric trike, Janne Kouri, a C6 quad, rode into Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., on May 15 having raised almost $350,000 for fitness and quality of life grants for individuals with paralysis.

Kouri, the founder of NextStep, one of the country’s largest and most innovative functional rehabilitation networks for paralysis, set out from his Los Angeles home on March 10 to raise awareness and money via what he dubbed the Ride for Paralysis. The endeavor surpassed his expectations both as an adventure and a fundraiser. “It’s such an adrenaline rush, being on the road every day and being able to do it with so many close friends — it’s been amazing,” said Kouri while on the road. “Seeing the United States from such a unique perspective is incredible, and the best part about it is all the different people we’re meeting along the way. It’s so inspiring and really wonderful.”

Kouri founded NextStep in 2008 with the goal of improving access to secondary rehabilita