going down an abandoned mine in a power wheelchair

“Here is the pièce de résistance!” says Dennis, our guide at Arizona’s Hull Mine in Castle Dome City. “Follow me!”

“Sounds great, looking forward to this!” I reply.

Our group follows him down another mine shaft to where it opens up into a small room with a ceiling that is about 55 feet high. There is a narrow tunnel off to the left, and it’s definitely not wheelchair accessible down there.

“Now put some goggles on as the light can hurt your eyes without them.” Dennis tells us. “OK, now I’ll turn on the lights.”

First the cave is darkened by extinguishing the regular lights, then the ultraviolet lights are turned on. There are several pointed in different directions to illuminate the cathedral.

“Things should light up soon,” Dennis assures us. “It’ll take a few minutes to charge the rocks.”

The Invite

We are 100 feet below the surface in an abandoned silver mine that has been made safe for public viewing by shoring up the walls and pouring a concrete floor throu