Summer Fun in the Sun

Shelly asks:
I am trying to purchase a beach wheelchair for my daughter. Our family is planning a trip to the shore this summer, and she doesn’t want to go with us because she can’t move around easily on the sand.

Executive Editor Josie Byzek answers:
Before purchasing an expensive beach chair, try reaching out to the beaches your family is interested in visiting and see if they have chairs available. Many lease them, and others may even provide them for free upon request.

You can find information on the different types of beach wheelchairs and where to purchase them in our March 2016 article, “Beach Chairs: More Available Than Ever”. Contact info for the companies that sell them is included in the resource list at the end of the article. Also you’ll find helpful information from our readers in the comments section, including additional vendors, foundations that offer assistance in securing beach chairs and useful tips from wheelchair users.