Live Without Limits
Congratulations on the great article you put together about Henry Poling (“From Wyoming With Love,” June 2019). There was one sentence that really hit a chord with me: “Most people limit themselves far more in their mind than in their physical limitations.” That has been my experience as well.
Bruce Hammer
Sonoma, California

Tough, Relatable
What a wonderful story! Well done to both Henry and Tim in writing it (“From Wyoming With Love,” June 2019). I’m a widowed T6 complete para living on a ranch in northern Alberta, and I know how difficult ranching from a wheelchair can be. Henry, you are a lot tougher than me, I have to say! But I can relate to a lot of what you are talking about.
Holly Loseth Crichton

More Collaborations!
Great, great story. Thanks, Tim and Henry. You are both farmers that write extremely well. You should collaborate more on stories from the farm.
Christine Griffin

True Grit
What a great story! Well done. True grit, both Henry Poling and Tim Gilmer. I truly appreciate all you’ve done. Thanks for sharing. I’m sure this will prove inspirational to many newly spinal cord injured people.
Pete Smith

Como se Dice, Apple?
I am wondering whether this option will be usable regardless of mother tongue, by example German, Danish and Arabic (Apple Releases a Big Accessibility Upgrade with “Voice Control, ”, June 14)? If it is only going to be in English, it will only be usable for a small minority of the population and it will definitely not increase my interest in buying Mac products. But on the other hand, it will encourage me if it is possible to use my mother tongue while managing the computer, as well as using speech recognition for typing.
Stig Langvad

Ian Mackay, United Spinal member and the star of the App