Tips and Tricks for Mastering the Art of Bed Productivity

My adjustable bed broke recently. When the motor died, so did my ability to sit up anywhere outside of my chair. At first, I wasn’t worried since I sleep in pancake-flat hotel beds regularly and get along OK. Within 48 hours, my attitude changed. I started feeling more pain and noticed a steep drop-off in my productivity due to fatigue. For me, this was an important realization about my daily routine and how much extra I am able to get done on my laptop and phone from the comfort of my mattress.

There is a stigma that bed is a place for laziness, but in our lives, that just isn’t true. We have to be careful with our bodies and our energy, and sometimes that means a choice or requirement of getting out of our chairs and lying down. With the connectivity modern devices bring and the advances in positioning and exercise equipment, there is no need to fall behind just because you are stuck in bed.

Stuck in Bed, Struck by Inspiration

Kris Cordero uses bedrest to “get things done.”

Kris Cordero uses bedrest to “get things done.”

With spinal cord injury, sometimes staying in bed